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開場白(問候語) Prologue (greetings):   

Hello friend,great to see you here!   

Hello **, welcome to China, let’s come and have a sit.  

How are you? Nice to meet you.



介紹,交換名片Introduction, exchange name cards:   

I am **, the salesman of **, nice to see you here.  

Here is my name card, may I have yours?  

This is Ms.**, our director/manager.




When did you arrive in China?  

How many days will you stay in China?   

Where do you live in? Have you booked the hotel?  

What’s your schedule of the trip? (若客戶告知緊密的行程安排,可加上:What a tight schedule!)

Have you ever go around Guangzhou before?



客戶詢價、還盤談判Negotiation of customers’enquiry and counter offer :  

This is our catalogue, you can have a check of our products.

There is some new models like…   

Which kind of products are you looking for?  

What’s your purchasing quantity this time?    

Actually, this is the best price we can offer you friend, please consider the quality.   

If you are interested in the model, we can send you a free sample to test.   

You can take a trial order first and you will know ourquality.   

I am sure our product will help you win the market.  

We have a very strict quality controlling system which promises that goods we produced are always of the best quality.  

How do you feel like the quality of our products?  

When you compare prices, you must first take into account the quality of the products.



禮貌拒絕客戶Reject customers politely:   

I am sorry, this is our bottom price.   

I am afraid that we cannot accept this payment terms.  

It is difficult for us to accept this price/term.  

I will have a check first but I think this will be hard for us.



邀請晚餐Invite customers for dinner:   

How about having dinner together tonight?  

Are you free tonight?  

Why not have dinner together?  

May I dine with you tonight?  


結束道別Close a conversation:   

Please reconsider our offer, hope to get your feedback soon.  

Thank you for your coming to our booth. Hope we can begin the partnership soon.   

It is of a great pleasure to see you here. Hope you have a nice trip in China.   

Thank you for your support. Have a nice day.   

Hope to get your support to start the business. Have a nice day.

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